YouTube Is Testing New Way To Address Demonetization Issues and Platform Abuse

The video platform is looking to change its ways, at least in some aspects. 


After the YouTube Adpocalypse occurred, where tons of major advertisers pulled support from the platform, YouTube and its users were left high and dry. Now, YouTube is looking into a new video flow to help creators get back on their feet when it comes to demonetization issues. Specifically, a new self-certification process would let YouTubers offer their own information about what each video upload contains in terms of the guidelines relating to advertisers.

"In an ideal world, we'll eventually get to a state where creators across the platform are able to accurately represent what's in their videos so that their insights, combined with those of our algorithmic classifiers and human reviewers, will make the monetisation process much smoother with fewer false positive demonetisations," YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said of the new process in an official blog post.

With the new steps users must follow to remain monetized and earn any major income at all on the platform, Wojcicki stated that it had indeed been frustrating for smaller channels to deal with. On the flip side, she noted that the new guidelines were working for advertisers, however, as it had improved their "confidence." Good for advertisers, bad for those trying to make a buck.

YouTube content creators will get a chance to sign up for the new sponsorship program that began a brief test period in September 2017 that seems to have assisted with those sponsored's ability to make money. The platform is also working to help reduce abuse in the form of spam and hateful comments with the introduction of moderation tools. Though we all know that this is the internet and such abuse or hateful comments is always going to be a part of the deal.

Hopefully YouTube's new policies will act as a beacon of hope for those who have lost faith in the platform, especially after dealing with the Logan Pauls of the world and other trash out there who consistently make things more difficult for everyone else. It can still be a decent site, it just needs a lot of work.

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