YouTube Requires Monetization To Include Patreon Links

The relationship between the various platforms content creators use is a fickle thing. YouTube has muddied the waters ever so slightly with a new update that requires creators to activate YouTube's monetization system in order to add a link to Patreon within a video. 

Reported by Waypoint, YouTube alleges that this move is meant to "curb abuse and does not affect current YouTube partners or existing end cards" as so put by a spokesperson. End cards or end screens are sections at the end of a YouTube video where creators can link to different external links or to other videos on their channel. The discovery of this new change wasn't immediately communicated to creators. Instead, it was pieced together as those affected started to notice the inability to add Patreon to the end cards in their vids and started to share their stories.

Many content creators on YouTube have had to modify the focal point of their funding because of YouTube really cracking down on the type of content that can be monetized. Thus, many have turned to Patreon support and regularly drop the support links in their often ad-free YouTube videos. Now, those users will not be able to promise an ad-free experience if they want to continue linking the Patreon in-video and will have to abide by YouTube's partner program. To be a part of the partner program, your channel must meet the minimum requirement of 10,000 total channel views. Once that is established, you'll be able to add the Patreon link back into your ad-flanked videos.

This could push creators to use other video platforms for their ad-free experiences but, it'll most likely result in more just modifying their approach on YouTube and explaining the shift to their respective audiences. YouTube has made a couple other changes that aren't quite as frustrating as this one.

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