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Iron Harvest Kickstarter Raises $1.3 Million in Just Five Weeks

Bundles of money have gone into bringing this game to life. 


Iron Harvest has been chugging along at an exponential rate during its Kickstarter campaign, amassing a ridiculous sum of money in a very short time. The real-time strategy game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC has earned $1.3 million in just five short weeks of being available on the funding platform.

Taking all the crowdfunding platforms available into account, Iron Harvest is the first of them all in 2018 to raise over $1 million for its cause, which is a pretty hefty sum of money. It's also developer King Art Games' fourth go-around at a successful Kickstarter, though this one takes the cake in terms of how much money has been raised.

Iron Harvest was inspired by the Scythe board game, which originally raised $1.8 million back in 2015. It looks like it's going to go on and do impressive things, especially given the massive outpouring of support from those backing it via the funding platform.

"It has been a risk to ask for so much money for a new IP on Kickstarter in this day in age," Creative Director Jan Theysen said of the project.

"But we knew we had a strong product and a sizable RTS community yearning for the next big RTS. So we took a chance and couldn't be happier. For us, this success is an obligation to make Iron Harvest the best game it can be."

If you're interested in trying out Iron Harvest, the Kickstarter page currently has a planned release date of 2019, so you may be waiting a while, unfortunately. Keep an eye out for updates on this one, however, because I predict it will be making a splash.

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