NBA Playgrounds 2 Announced, High-Flying Trailer Revealed

NBA stars and legends will return to street ball sometime later this year.


Over-the-top, two-on-two basketball got a resurgence with NBA Playgrounds last year and indie dev Saber Interactive announced NBA Playgrounds 2 today, right when the hype train for the NBA playoffs is picking up steam. New online and local modes, new courts, and more will be in store when NBA Playgrounds 2 arrives on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2018.

As seen in the trailer above, there are new moves and power-ups for players to utilize in NBA Playgrounds 2's street battles. Improved AI is also in the works, but the PvP aspect of the game is getting a robust overhaul.

This new Playgrounds entry will feature Playgrounds Champions mode, introducing a ranked league system. There will be competitive solo and co-op division ladders in this mode so, if you're not a team player, you're covered. Playgrounds 2 also features a new single-player Season mode that has players balling through a regular season, playoff, and NBA Championship. 

As far as quality-of-life improvements go, NBA Playgrounds 2 will feature updated character models, new animations and dedicated servers, which will be crucial to the new four-player online matches. The game will launch with a roster of 200 current and retired players, including Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Shaquille O'Neal, and Dr. J. Look for NBA Playgrounds 2 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime later this year.

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      April 17, 2018 2:23 PM

      Very Cool! I actually really liked the last one.

      What I would really love them to do is make the same game but have all the backgrounds made from real NBA courts, not this out side stuff. That would be amazing and perfect in my books and all I really want added to this IP. So basically a real NBA Jam reboot, like I said I love this style and how it plays, looks, all that needs to be added is real NBA courts.

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