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Splyce Dominates to Win 2018 Halo World Championships

Splyce had little trouble taking home the 2018 Halo World Championship, cruising through Championship Sunday and sweeping the Grand Finals.


The 2018 Halo World Championship Finals in Seattle, WA came down to the two best teams in the competitive Halo world. But the gap between number one and number two proved to be a wide one, as Splyce defeated Tox in the Grand Finals in a 4-0 sweep.

Splyce had little trouble dispatching the former OpTic Gaming. Nearly every game was a one-sided affair. Only the third game (Strongholds on Empire) proved to be particularly competitive, with Tox nearly taking it, but Splyce showed why they're the best Halo team in the world, making a tremendous comeback. Tox got feisty on CTF on Fathom, but they couldn't catch up to Splyce, as they completed the four-game sweep.

Splyce and Tox met previously in the Winners Finals earlier in the afternoon. While Splyce came in heavily favored, it was Tox that fired the first shot, taking a close Strongholds game on Eden that went down to the final seconds.

Splyce quickly regrouped, however, and took the rest of the series convincingly. They proceeded to take Slayer on Coliseum 50-44, CTF on Truth 3-1, Strongholds on Plaza 100-93, and Slayer on Regret 50-27 to send Tox down to the lower bracket.

In that lower bracket, the finals there started off with Tox falling to Team EnVyUs in the first map. Envy was hanging tough and taking close games on Truth and Fathom. They looked to have things in command with a 3-2 series lead, but Tox bounced back and took the final two games in dominating fashion, taking the CTF game on Truth 3-0 and the final Slayer map on Regret 50-32.

This marks three straight tournament wins for Splyce, following victories in Orlando and Columbus. As part of their first place finish, Splyce takes home $500,000.

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