Modojo Rewind: Putting Control Into Your Hands

The latest edition of the Modojo Rewind looks at a new esports-turned-live-sports offering and a selection of interesting upcoming mobile releases.


It's Friday, and you know what that means — the horns have sounded the weekly return of the Modojo Rewind. This week we've gotten a glimpse into the future of social gaming with the all-new Fan-Controlled Football League, plus put together some new information for iPhone users experiencing a frustrating disappearing email issue. This plus more delicious details regarding new and upcoming releases await below.

Calling the Shots

By far one of the most interesting stories we've come across this week centers on Twitch, who partnered together with the all-new Fan-Controlled Football League to present an opportunity for Twitch viewers to exert their influence over real-world football matches. Twitch participants will be able to control everything from overall team lineups to logos, names, and even individual calls, all by making use of Twitch chat and the new FCFL smartphone app.

We've had yet another great interview from PAX East 2018, this time with Charles Singletary and Mr. Briefcase sitting down with Ground Shatter's James Parker to discuss upcoming title Rico. The game is a cell-shaded first-person shooter with a smattering of procedurally generated content, and it'll be coming to the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in the coming months.

Meeting the Mobile Need

Modojo @ Shacknews is still keeping up on the most burning questions regarding specific iPhone details, and our latest efforts have created a fresh guide on how to fix the issue of disappearing or otherwise lost emails on iPhone. This is an odd problem to encounter, and we've got a few solutions that should help iPad or any other iOS user recover email messages that seem to have just disappeared.

In a bit of a head-scratching story, Uber has introduced a new feature that allows users to contact 911 straight through the Uber app. The idea makes perfect sense from a safety standpoint, which makes us wonder why it was never a part of the service's features to begin with. That said, we're certainly glad it's here now.

As for new and upcoming games, here's the essential rundown: as revealed over at the Eve Fanfest 2018 expo, developer CCP has revealed that the team's upcoming mobile series entry will be formally known as EVE: War of Ascension. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players will now see the ol' seagull Gulliver flying into the game, and players who like their puzzle titles with a bit of blood and murder will now note that horror movie villain Jason is now available in Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle.

Last but certainly not least, we've had a look at an upcoming game from Lydia developer Platonic Partership that aims to blend satire and gorgeous watercolor graphics into a short-form tale centered around notions of prejudice and stupidity. Based on the comic series of the same name, the game is called King of Peasants, and the team is hoping to get it into the hands of iOS and Android players sometime next year.

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