Report Alleges New BioShock Title Secretly In Development By Ex-Hanger 13 Devs

Would you kindly take a glance at this BioShock rumor?


The last time we visited the world of Bioshock was in 2013’s BioShock: Infinite, Irrational Games’ swan song and last big project from creator Ken Levine. Following completion of the game’s DLC, the studio was mostly shuttered. In the years since, news relating to the BioShock franchise has been quiet. All that changed this afternoon when Kotaku nonchalantly dropped a bombshell about a new BioShock game hidden in a postmortem piece on Mafia III. Mafia III was published by 2K Games, owners of the BioShock franchise and publisher of all previous BioShock titles.

The mention of the new game’s development came up in the part of Kotaku’s article that covered where certain Hangar 13 developers had been assigned following the work done with Mafia III: “Many of the people who helped make Mafia III are now gone, including the game’s art director, technical art director, senior producers, design director, many design leads, and a number of other key staff. Some left voluntarily; others were let go or asked to move. Some went to other game companies; others moved to the top-secret studio next door to work on an unannounced new BioShock game.”

No other mention of a new BioShock is contained within the article and we can find no other mention of such a title from other sources. It would be wise to look at this as an unconfirmed rumor for now, but it is sure to excite fans of the series.

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