King of Peasants' Inquisition-Era Tale Offers Both Satire and Beauty

The upcoming release from Lydia developer Platonic Partnership combines gorgeous watercolor art and satire in a short-form Inquisition-era adventure.


The Modojo @ Shacknews crew is always on the lookout for fresh new mobile gaming experiences, and it looks like we've found a good one in the form of Kings of Peasants, the upcoming game from Finnish developer Platonic Partnership. Fans may be familiar with the studio thanks to the company's previous release Lydia, a game that deals with heavy subject matter such as substance abuse in an appropriately grim looking point and click adventure title. Kings and Peasants seems to have a lot of the same design inspirations, and is slated to tell a more satirical tale, this time set during the era of the Inquisition.

According to the Platonic Partnership website, King of Peasants is "a modern, story-driven adventure game" that focuses on telling a "snappy" tale aimed at "mature audience who have only limited spare time to play games." It's described as "a satirical adventure game about prejudice and stupidity," and it's based around the comic series of the same name, published by Platonic Partnership's very own graphical artist Henri Tervapuro.

It's plain to see that King of Peasants will be a remarkably good-looking game, featuring handmade graphics that blend pencils and watercolor together with stunning results. It's also worth nothing that the studio's previous release Lydia currently holds a Very Positive ranking over on Steam, earning praise for everything from the art to dark-themed atmosphere and heavy subject matter — all elements that King of Peasants aims to implement.

There's no firm release date for King of Peasants just yet, but the team is aiming to release the game for PC via Steam as well as both Android and iOS devices sometime in 2019.

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