PAX East 2018: Outpost Zero Interview and Gameplay: Robots In Space

Greg sits down with the team from Symmetric Games to get an in-depth look at everything their upcoming survivor title has to offer. 


In the future, there will be robots and we will rely on them to take care of various tasks and functions for us. But, even then there's no guarantee that a robot with an advanced AI will have all the tools necessary to perform certain missions. In Outpost Zero, players will get a chance to put themselves in the proverbial shoes of one such hypothetical AI that's been sent to an uncolonized planet in order to set up camp while trying to explore and survive. In order to be successful, players will have to build outposts, construct a team of robots for maintenance, and explore the surrounding territories for new resources. Overall, Outpost Zero is looking like it combines elements from popular survival titles as well as RTS elements. 

Local angry old man Greg Burke sat down with Symmetric Games' founders Dan Nikolaides and Will Kowach to chat about the many features in Outpost Zero. They delve into the deeper aspects of the upcoming sci-fi survivor and take a look at one of the game's randomly generated maps. You can check out the full interview below for a better visual reference as well as a few in-depth takes on Outpost Zero's gameplay. 

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Outpost Zero is set to launch later this year on PC but does not have a release date yet. Players can sign up for early alpha access now though. 

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