PAX East 2018: Rico Developer Interview and Hands-On Demonstration

Shacknews gets some hands-on time with Rico, the upcoming cel-shaded and procedurally generated shooter from Ground Shatter.


Shacknews got to see a lot of great games at this year's PAX East 2018 exhibition, and from where we're sitting, Rico from developer Ground Shatter is one of the more interesting experiences on offer. It's a game that blends popular modern game components like cooperative play and procedurally generated environments into a first-person shooter with a cel-shaded, bullet-time-rocking aesthetic. Shacknews' own Asif Khan and Charles Singletary sat down with James Parker, founder and developer for Ground Shatter, to get an exclusive first livestreamed look at the studio's upcoming cooperative shooter release.

The style and experience of Rico is clearly reminiscent of modern-day action flicks, with players controlling one of two police taskforce partners responsible for cracking cases within specific time limits. The game's cel-shaded art style was at least partially inspired by games such as the 2003 Ubisoft release XIII, while modern touches like daily play, online leaderboards, and procedural generation for cases and environments help meet the demands of today's gung-ho gaming enthusiasts.

There's no specific word on when Rico will release just yet, but players should expect the latest from Ground Shatter to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. More information on the game, including screenshots and trailers, can be found over on the offical Rico website, and players who want to stay fresh on the latest live streams and exhibition coverage would do well to follow Shacknews on Twitch.

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