PAX East 2018: Suda51 Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes: Gameplay and Interview

We had so much fun with Suda at GDC that we just had to have him back for a live interview and some co-op gameplay at PAX. 


Travis Touchdown and his cohorts are getting ready to make their Nintendo Switch debut thanks to the brilliant mind of their creator, Suda51. In the latest installment of the No More Heroes series, known as Travis Strikes Again, players and their co-op partners will be sucked into a video game console within the video game and take on levels based on several indie titles. The game looks like it's going to have a lot of the classic hack-and-slash action from the series as well as a few surprises.

Our very own Asif Khan got a chance to sit down with Suda51 and his translator to check out the PAX East 2018 demo of Travis Strikes Again and take on the co-op mode first hand. Asif was also able to chat with Suda51 about what it's like to develop for the Switch and where he'll be headed next on his whirlwind tour around the world. You can check out the video interview below.

During the demo, Suda51 and Asif take on the Hyper Light Drifter inspired level where they cut their way through a massive amount of grunts in order to make their way to a very electrified boss match. Along the way, Asif was able to discover the wonders of his special abilities like his spin attack as well as a few team-up moves that can cause some serious damage. 

As of now, Travis Strikes Again does not have a release date but it should be coming to the Nintendo Switch exclusively later this year. In the meantime, you can catch up with all our latest coverage as well a ton of videos from PAX East 2018 over on our Youtube page. And be sure to subscribe to our Twitch channel to catch cool interviews like this one live as they happen from the many exciting events Shacknews attends.  

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