Boss Key Unveils Colorful F2P Battle Royale Radical Heights

If you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em.


Boss Key Productions was formed back in 2014 with famed designer Cliffy B at the helm. The studio’s first big project was Lawbreakers. The multiplayer shooter launched to positive reviews, but failed to find a steady playerbase during its launch window and never recovered. Earlier this week, the studio announced that Lawbreakers would no longer be actively developed and that the studio would be moving on. It didn’t take long for Cliffy B to go public with the Boss Key’s follow up project. Bleszinski took to Twitter this morning to announce Radical Heights, a colorful, third-person battle royale shooter.

The announcement also brought a teaser trailer and the news that Radical Heights would be entering “X-Treme Early Access” on April 10. That’s tomorrow for those folks who don’t calendar good.

As Boss Key learned with Lawbreakers, the PC gaming market is a fickle beast. Time will tell if Radical Heights has what it takes to snatch up some momentum and be the hit that the studio is hoping for.

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