PAX East 2018: Golem Gates Developer Interview and Gameplay

Shacknews sits down with Hollow Earth and Laser Guided Games to discuss the card-based RTS title Golem Gates.


The PAX East 2018 showroom floor has been flooded with details concerning all of the freshest games on the modern market, and some of the most popular titles on display offer atypical blends of several different game genres. Golem Gates is one such example, combining elements of strategy games, multiplayer online battle arenas, and card battle titles into an interesting and polished new RTS experience. Shacknews was honored to sit down with Josh Nizzi, head of Hollow Earth Inc., and Matt Oelfke, Laser Guided Games founder and lead developer on Golem Gates, to discuss the game's different card-based combat mechanics, art direction, and various strategic offerings.

Despite its many interrelated mechanics, Golem Gates is a game that still manages to seamlessly blend its story into the action. Cards, referred to as Glyphs, correspond to hero powers and abilities drawn from The Ash, an ancient power comprised of nanites that were left behind after armed conflict ravaged the land. Players assume control over The Harbinger, and are tasked with using Glyphs to fight the namesake golem menace and uncover the secrets of the world's creation.

Players interested in picking up Golem Gates can do so right now — the game is currently listed for $29.99 over on Steam, and more information including screenshots and trailers can be had by heading over to the official Laser Guided Games website.

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