PAX East 2018: Omensight Gameplay Interview: Apocalyptic Murder Mystery

Shacknews talks with Spearhead Games about the studio's upcoming action-murder-mystery game Omensight.


There have been a lot of great reveals from this year's PAX East 2018 expo. Not only have we seen a host fresh game details and several noteworthy video game demonstrations, we've also been granted access to huge amounts of behind-the-scenes information straight from game creators themselves. Shacknews recently got a chance to sit down with Spearhead Games' own Malik Boukhira and Matul Mehra to discuss some of the finer points of upcoming action release Omensight, including the game's murder mystery-inspired origins as well as some of the lessons learned from the studio's previous narrative-driven release.

Game fans who closely follow the modern video game scene will likely know of studio Spearhead Games from its previous release of Stories: The Path of Destinies. Omensight, like Stories, is a game that blends its action together with a unique narrative structure, this time centered around the concept of classic murder mysteries. Gamers will be able to use the power of the namesake Omensight to forge their own narrative direction, and the crew at Spearhead have also given the game a number of different "warp flow combat" techniques that allow players to command the forces of time itself.

To learn more about Omensight, feel free to head over to the official Omensight webpage; alternatively, there's a post from Boukhira over on the PlayStation.Blog that provides some additional insight regarding the game's narrative direction and cast of characters. Shacknews' own Charles Singletary also got some hands-on impression time with Omensight at PAX South 2018 back in January. Beyond that, players should look for the release of Omensight on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam sometime later in 2018.

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