PAX East 2018: Fatal Velocity Developer Interview and Gameplay

Jetpacks and grapples combine in the upcoming physics-based first-person brawler Fatal Velocity.


Players who like to think vertically when it comes to action-based games will no doubt be interested in Fatal Velocity, the upcoming physics-based brawler from the team at Range Plus One. Influenced by the comic stylings of Spiderman and classic games like Starsiege: Tribes, Fatal Velocity is an attempt to find a new approach to first-person action gameplay by combining the maneuverability of a jetpack with a unique grapple-based combat mechanic.

Shacknews got the chance to sit down with Jaime Smith, developer for Range Plus One Inc., on the PAX East 2018 showroom floor to learn more about Fatal Velocity's many clever mechanics and how players can help influence the game ahead of its planned release.

Players will no doubt notice the high number of laser-like beams of light shooting across the battlefield. Each beam in Fatal Velocity corresponds to a different type of interaction, be it players pulling objects or enemies toward themselves, pushing them away, swinging them around, or even using a magnetic tether for offensive or defensive maneuvers. Stabilization is also a key component of the experience, the likes of which is able to either mitigate or enhance the effect of incoming attacks.

Fatal Velocity is gearing up for a proper release, but before that time comes, the team at Range Plus One is looking for player feedback concerning the game. To learn more, check out the game's Steam Early access page or watch its progress by following Fatal Velocity over on Twitter.

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