PAX East 2018: ThinkGeek Interview Details New Modern Icons Collectibles

Shacknews hits the PAX East 2018 showroom floor to speak with ThinkGeek about new vinyl Modern Icons figurines and the gamer instinct to hoard collectibles.


One of the common driving forces within video games is an overt need to gather as many collectibles as possible. For many game fans, this drive also carries over into the real world, and some of the best game-related swag on the modern market comes from the folk over at ThinkGeek. The ThinkGeek crew is always working on new products for players to collect and decorate their homes with, and Shacknews got together with ThinkGeek representatives Erin Fusco and Jeff Burchett at PAX East 2018 to discuss the latest Modern Icons line of vinyl-based figurines and explore the instincts that drive the current collectibles market.

Shacknews was also able to extract some information regarding how ThinkGeek comes up with the ideas behind its many products. Monitoring user interest is among the team's chief priorities, and though they may claim some divine inspiration through the use of a crystal ball, the modus operandi really comes down to thinking about what other geeks might like. Fusco and Burchett also discuss what it's like trying to keep an merchandise and inventories relevant in an evolving gaming market, and speak out some of the more popular products featured on the PAX East showroom floor.

There's a lot more information in store from the team stomping the grounds in Boston, so stay on top of the latest in PAX East 2018 coverage by following Shacknews over on Twitch.

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