PAX East 2018: Fortnite Interview with Nick Chester of Epic Games

We speak with Nick about everything Fortnite and also annoy him to no end.


Fortnite is popular, y'all. The colorful shooter has taken the gaming world by storm and its growth shows no end in sight. We were able to sit down at PAX East with Nick Chester of Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, to talk about the game’s success and to highlight Shacknews’ own Greg Burke’s lack of familiarity with the Epic Games back catalog.

The interview covers the important parts of the ongoing Fortnite craze, but then quickly pivots into discussion on Roseanne’s shooter skills. Also discussed are the previous iterations of Fortnite’s PvP modes and the game’s journey over 7+ years of development. Drake and other celebs come up and there’s even some talk about the mobile version of the game.

The Twitch chat endlessly bothers Chester with mentions of Jazz Jackrabbit, unquestionably the jewel of Epic Games’ back catalog. Chester is not willing to comment on the green, gun-toting hero, but we think he’s holding back!

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