Active Shooter Reported at YouTube San Bruno Headquarters

Reports have hit the web stating that a shooter has opened fire in YouTube's San Bruno, California headquarters.


Update 3:01 p.m. PT:

One of the victims ran into Carl's Jr and an employee shared what he heard with Fox News's reporters. The woman he helped was a young lady who didn't know why she may have been targeted. 

Update 2:42 p.m. PT:

These are the bits of information given during the press conference with the San Bruno police:

  • Initial 911 calls were placed around 12:46 p.m. local time. Police were on-site by 12:48 p.m.
  • Police found a person with what seems to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  • Four victims have been transported to hospitals for gun-related injuries. One is in critical condition.
  • The person with the self-inflicted wound in the facility is believed to be the shooter, but they're still investigating.
  • The potential shooter is female and is deceased.
  • They're still searching the facility.
  • The circumstances around the shooting are still uncertain.
  • Police consider the event to still be active, and the investigation is still active.
  • The officer did not reveal what weapon was used, but it has been recovered.

This update is from ABC via FoxNews: "The shooter is/was a white adult female wearing a dark top and head scarf. Entered the back door of the facility."

Update 2:27 p.m. PT:

The video stream listed in the original story has limited access unless you connect to a cable provider, but there's a live stream on Fox News' Facebook page as well. In just the half hour we've been gathering information, outlets have extremely conflicting information. Please keep this in mind and stay tuned for additional updates. Reporters on that stream have released a few details, but consider this hearsay for the time being:

  • The shooter was a woman and has been incapacitated.
  • The police are still moving room to room throughout the facility.
  • In a different interview on that same stream, the eyewitness described a "man wearing grey". No idea if this interview happened before more information was revealed, if this witness just assumed it was a male, or if there's more than one person involved.
  • The number of people injured seems to hover around three to six.
  • Fox News reported at 5:19 p.m. ET that the shooter has been taken down and the police is planning a conference shortly. The conflicting information on the shooter was acknowledged, but nothing about the shooter is confirmed for now.
  • CBS reports that they heard radio chatter of two shooters: One male and one female. This could also be due to the conflicting witness accounts, but keep it in mind.
  • Witnesses are saying the shooter, a woman, shot her boyfriend before shooting herself.

Original story 1:40 p.m. PT:

Breaking news is spreading across the internet confirming that a gunman has entered the YouTube headquarters based out of San Bruno, California.

A report from Newsweek indicates that an active shooter found their way onto the YouTube campus. Local outlet KRON-TV was the first to break the story. Unconfirmed reports state that two people have been injured.

Twitter user Vadim Lavrusik has been posting tweets keeping followers up-to-date with latest information regarding the assault. It seems that YouTube employees and other personnel have been evacuated from the area.

Authorities are recommending that anyone and everyone stay out of the area near Cherry Avenue and Bay Hill drive.

Fox News is on the scene and is providing an on-site live video stream, where it appears local authorities are still doing a sweep of the area. It's unknown at the time whether or not the shooter has been taken into custody, but we will update this story with further information as it becomes available.

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