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April Fools: Hearthstone Adds Long-Requested Nerglish Language

Finally, somebody's thinking of the Murloc player!


Finally, somebody's thinking of the poor, underserved Murloc population. Hearthstone has been presented in multiple languages for several years. In fact, that's one of the more fun YouTube videos to pull up, is LFP Gaming's Hearthstone cards in other languages.

But now, the Murloc will get its day, because Hearthstone is being translated into Nerglish.

"Players in the Mrlgrl region rmlg glmrlmflm can rlmkglf rlmg rlmglmfrlmkfml, rlmmflrs glm glmrlmfmrkl glmrlmflrm gmlrml grlrmmlfg rlkmgg rlmgmlfg glmgmrmmfrmglglgr mrllmkrmg srmgllr grlrmr llmrmkgmrg frlllrg lkrgr grrmg mllmmrll mrlrmrllgr llmr," reads the Hearthstone website. "Frmrglrl Srglrmrlgrl mrllgrl glrmfmlr rmrlsrlmglrklgmlgl. Frlrmlgrl glmrlmf rlmrflrgl. Mrrlmglrlgrlgl glrmrlglr. Frlmgmf grlmfm glrmrlmf Gmgmrlfmlm rmfmlg lmglmr kgmmlfmr glmrfk flurg glr flrrgmmrkrrrl."

Also be sure to visit that same Hearthstone website post for a look at several cards translated into Nerglish.

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