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Doom Getting 4K Patch for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Players with 4K-enabled consoles are soon to see Doom with an all new level of detail.


There's something about first-person shooter titles that speak to gamers on a sort of fundamental level. The combination of tense action and gib-soaked visuals has been an intoxicating brew for players for as long as the genre has existed, and though the original Doom might have been a perfect example for its time, Doom 2016 is the potion of choice for many modern players. Even better, the game is soon to look sharper and clearer than ever before, as the crew at id Software and Bethesda are gearing up to release a new 4K visual patch that should please players running the latest 4K-enabled home consoles.

As revealed over on the official Doom Twitter account, the new 4K update visual patch is soon to release for both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, bringing the 2016 release in line with the biggest and boldest 4K titles on the market right now.

Based on follow-up comments made under the 4K reveal tweet, it looks like the Doom 2016 team may also be hosting a triple XP weekend in celebration of the game's latest patch. Players can learn more about the latest graphical update by heading over to the newest post over on Bethesda's official website. Beyond that, players should expect to see the latest 4K patch for Doom arrive sometime tomorrow on both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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