Apple and Logitech Reveal New iPad Crayon Stylus and Keyboard Case

Apple and the team at Logitech have announced an inexpensive new iPad stylus called the Crayon.


During today's education-focused Let's Take A Field Trip presentation from Apple, the tech giant revealed a number of new advancements with regard to the iconic iPad, including a suite of AR apps centered around Apple's own ARKit. In order to make the most out of the software as well as the iPad's new user-friendly price point, Apple also revealed a rugged iPad case and a brand-new stylus called the Crayon. Designed in conjunction with popular accessory manufacturer Logitech, the Crayon is targeted toward younger iPad users who want to make the most out of the device's educational tools.

The Crayon, as might be expected, is the highlight of this announcement. Manufactured by Logitech and endorsed by Apple, the Crayon is a white-and-orange stylus that will allow younger users (children of all ages, if you will) an easy way to interact with all of the hottest iPad software. It's also slated to retail for $49 dollars, which is a considerable discount over the $99 Apple Pencil, assuming the user is actually interested in using a stylus at all.

Apple and Logitech also used the presentation as an opportunity to reveal a new ruggedly-designed Logitech-branded iPad case that will suit the company's updated low-price hardware. Not much else is known about the case, so we're still waiting to hear more about its features, price, and release date.

All of these advancements and reveals are part of a continuing push to make Apple technology available to students across the globe. Beyond the obvious, these devices are also an opportunity to combat the forces of Google, who just yesterday announced the company's very first Chrome OS tablet, the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, a 10" tablet aimed at the education market that comes with its own Wacom-branded stylus and will reportedly sell for $329.

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