Sea of Thieves Devs Discuss Server Errors and Launch Issues in New Video

Microsoft and Rare’s new pirate adventure is a victim of its own popularity, according to the developers.


Anyone who has tried to get out on the high seas over the last 48 hours with Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves may have experienced issues trying to log into the game or matchmake with other pirates. According to the development team at Rare, the game’s servers have been overwhelmed by the number of people trying to play the popular new release. Because the game requires a constant online connection for all things that happen in the game, the overwhelming demands on the server infrastructure are causing issues for end users, including problems with gold accumulation and achievements. The team at Rare have released a video blog that goes in depth on these issues, their cause, and the plans to fix them.

As European players who stay up later into the evening start combining with North American players who are getting off of work in the late afternoon, the rush of players attempting to set sail is the culprit for most login and matchmaking woes. Players experiencing the missing items bug will have to wait until next week at the earliest for a patch that should address the issue.

The guys at Rare also make mention of some performance troubles plaguing the Xbox One X version of the game and plans to rectify the issue. For those who have managed to load up and have their ships sailing, make sure to check out our comprehensive guides and walkthroughs for Sea of Thieves to get the most out of your pirate adventure. Additionally, make sure you get brushed up on your sailing terms and get yourself in the pirate mood with the ultimate Sea of Thieves playlist.

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