FishBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

Salty sea pirates, beware the Sea of Thieves FishBeard error.


Sea of Thieves has finally left port, and players all across the nation are hastily diving into the latest pirate-themed efforts from the crew at development studio Rare. Despite spending a fair amount of time in beta testing, Sea of Thieves is still a fresh ship out to sea, meaning it may still be prone to errors — especially considering the number of players eager to get an early start on their adventures. As such, many budding pirates have been encountering errors that prevent them from playing, and the frustrating FishBeard error is one of them.

How To Fix Sea of Thieves FishBeard Error

Though Rare hasn't specifically identified just what the FishBeard error code means, the team has given a few suggestions on how to get around it. From what can be told, the FishBeard error likely pops as a result of problems with engaging in network play. As a result, Rare suggests that players encountering the FishBeard error should try playing solo for a while to see if the error can resolve itself.

It's likely, though unconfirmed, that players who encounter the FishBeard error may also experience the GreyBeard error. This is another error that hasn't been outlined over on the Sea of Thieves support website, but from what we could tell, GreyBeard is somehow related to the game's matchmaking service. It stands to reason, then, that if GreyBeard is a problem in the matchmaking service, FishBeard may indicate a problem in reaching the matchmaking service. That could explain why these two errors are showing up together, as they very well may be interrelated.

Of course, until Rare gives us more specific clues behind what each different beard-oriented error might mean, we really won't have any idea. With that said, we have been collecting information about other errors in the game, including KiwiBeard, TrimmedBeard, and BronzeBeard. As for staying on top of the latest tips and how-tos, be sure to check out our Sea of Thieves walkthrough and guide.

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