Deviljho DLC Release Date Revealed in Monster Hunter World Live Stream

Monster Hunter World will see the return of Deviljho in an update slated to land next week.


Monster Hunter World has been a tremendous success for Capcom so far, and the team is keeping the good vibes alive by giving the game frequent updates with new content and special freebies. We've already seen several new characters introduced into the game, but the latest update slated to release will introduce players to a powerful creature well-known to series fans: the Deviljho.

As revealed just earlier today in a Capcom livestream, the Deviljho monster itself as well as several Deviljho-based quests and rewards will be landing in Monster Hunter World via the game's next update. As can be seen toward the end of the stream, the likes of which we've conveniently featured below, the addition of Deviljho means players should expect a tough new challenge.

There's more in the new update than the massive Deviljho monster, however. The update will also be including several tweaks and changes, including a selection of balance tweaks that should affect nearly all of the game's different weapon types. Load times have been reduced, and players will also spot a new option to return to the Gathering Hall after completing a quest.

Capcom has also thrown in a new way for players to alter their in-game appearance, which may draw ire from some since the choice is being offered as a microtransaction. Players can change their avatar's looks once for free, but every subsequent change will require the player to pony up their currency. These and all other changes will be available to players when the update releases on March 22.

The recent stream also touched on the Spring Blossom Fest, which is coming to Monster Hunter World starting on April 6. During the two-week event, players will see a festive makeover of the Gathering Hall as well as discounted event quests, double Lucky Vouchers for Daily Logins, and special nightly firework shows. Players will also be able to check out the new Mega Man gear for Palicoes starting on April 13.

With so much content on offer and so many new features flowing in, it's really no surprise that Monster Hunter World has become Capcom's best selling game ever. The game is simply that good, and we've got loads of guides designed specifically for players who want to get the most out of the open-world adventure. To learn more, head over to our ever-expanding Monster Hunter World guide and walkthrough.

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