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Snapchat Adding Community Made AR Lenses To Filter Options

It's time for users to brave a whole new path of dancing food memes and high-pitch voice filters. 


Have you ever looked at yourself through a goofy Snapchat filter and thought, “I’d make a sexy deer person, but I bet I could make myself look like an even SEXIER deer if I was the one making the filter.” It’s not that horribly new of an idea. Snapchat has been offering users a chance to build their own filters using their Lens Studio AR kit for Windows and Mac since the end of last year. However, the offerings that have gotten any real attention on the app have been heavily curated up to this point.

Now it would seem that the company is removing at least one filter, and that’s the one that was holding all 187 million of the app’s daily users back from getting their own filters featured on the filter carousel. At this point it doesn’t appear that creators will get any sort of compensation for their works, other than oh-so-precious exposure everyone who tries to book my band is always talking about. Filters won’t be able to be branded or have any sort of promotional agenda, since Snapchat already has a program in place for officially endorsed products.

According to an article on Mashable, Lens Studio has had about 30,000 filters submitted since its launch in December and those lenses have had about 1 billion viewers. Now that the company is ready to feature as-yet-undiscovered talent in its regular roulette of filters, that number may see an exponential spike very soon.

So far, though, it has not been the best year for the app. The parent company, Snap recently laid off close to100 employees, and the last app update did not go over well with its user base. When you factor in that both Instagram and Facebook both have similar short video functionality now too could make this latest push for user engagement too little too late. 

Snapchat is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices. The Snapchat Lens Studio is available for free for both PC and Mac based operating systems. Here's to hoping your deer face filter is the sexiest of them all. 

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