Mario Tennis Aces Serves Up 15 Playable Characters and Online Tournaments

The latest Nintendo Direct has provided fresh new details on the upcoming Switch release Mario Tennis Aces.


Sports games centered around the Super Mario universe aren't exactly uncommon, but among many other games, Mario's own tennis outings are certainly a fan favorite. Luckily, Nintendo Switch players are about to be courted with an all-new Switch tennis experience, as today's Nintendo Direct has formally revealed the upcoming release of Mario Tennis Aces.

Among added features to Mario Tennis Aces is the new Special Energy gauge that can be used to pull off a number of different moves. Players can power up their shots, use a burst of speed to close the distance to the ball, or make use of the all-new high-flying Special Shots, the likes of which use up a significant portion of the player's energy gauge but make up for the cost with potent offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Mario Tennis Aces will be packed with features, including 15 different playable characters (the likes of which include a racket-wielding Chain Chomp) and the option for both 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay. A story mode will be included for those who live for the plot, and online multiplayer will be available for those who want to make their tennis prowess known to Switch owners across the world. Nintendo has also thrown in a basic tennis mode devoid of Special Energy and other power-ups for players who want a more pure tennis experience, and the option for motion control should satisfy those who want to relive the glory days of tennis on the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo also plans to host a pre-launch online tournament, one that will presumably offer players the chance to check out Mario Tennis Aces ahead of its launch through an exclusive 1 vs. 1 online tournament. More details regarding the pre-launch tournament, including official dates and times, will be announced sometime in the future.

Mario Tennis Aces will bring the love to Nintendo Switch players later this year on June 22.

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