Nintendo Files Patent On Switch Donkey Konga Controller And Keyboard

Is Nintendo's latest console getting ready to pump up the jams?


Funky fresh fans of the Nintendo Switch may have good reason to get their groove on soon. It appears that the Japanese gaming giant has filed a patent to make a new version of the Donkey Konga Bongos for the Switch as well as what appears to be a typing keyboard. If the patents are real it could mean a revitalization of the fan-favorite series. 

Donkey Konga 1&2 originally came out for the Nintendo Gamecube and made use of a Bongo controller that players tapped out the games' various songs along with Donkey Kong. It was more Taiko Drum Master-inspired than it was a Guitar Hero or Rock Band game and came out before rhythm games really hit the big time. 

As reported by My Nintendo News, the patent first came to light when a member of the ResetEra forums known as "Rosti" posted a series of patent images: 

“On August 28, 2017, Nintendo Co., Ltd. filed in the US via the United States Patent and Trademark Office a patent application for an INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, EXTENDED INPUT SYSTEM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD. This patent concerns extended input devices for use with Nintendo Switch. Examples are Donkey Konga drums and a keyboard. The inventor is Hitoshi Yamazaki who has seventeen other patents with Nintendo (some together with Shigeru Miyamoto). Below is abstract, selected excerpts and of course drawings.”

I honestly thought we'd never see another iteration of Donkey Konga, but if the rumors are true, that would mean one more peripheral on top of the upcoming Labo series of DIY projects. I'm not sure what plans Nintendo has for their keyboard peripheral or if it will be integrated with a new Donkey Konga title. Perhaps we'll be getting a "Mario Teaches Typing and Dope Beats" crossover title.

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