PUBG To Introduce Bullet Penetration, Other Features On Test Server This Week

Vehicle and limb bullet penetration headline the new additions to the popular murder simulator.


In a short post made on the official PUBG community forums, Community Manager PUBG_FWG informed the player base that the game’s test servers would be going live this week for debugging and testing of the newest build. In addition to the normal tweaks and bug fixes, this new PUBG build will introduce the new bullet penetration system, an in-game friend system, and main menu voice chat.

Enhancements to the game’s bullet penetration have been a frequent request from the game’s community going back to the initial early access launch last March. Users should be excited to try out the newly implemented system that will focus on vehicles and player limbs. Some of the fun of equipping the very rare high-caliber sniper rifles is lessened when your shot hits an enemy player in the arm and does much less damage that the bullet normally would. Depending on the the shot distance and weapon, it will be possible for bullets to penetrate limbs and move into the torso, dealing additional damage. This system will also extend to vehicles in some way, so those old UAZ offroaders may not be as bulletproof as they once were.

No firm date or time has been given on when this new build will hit the PUBG test servers, but everything should be live before the end of the week. To access the PUBG test servers, you must install the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Test Server) application via Steam. This library entry is available to all owners of the game (and requires a sizeable download). In the meantime, check out our guide to staying alive in PUBG. You’ll never be able to test out the new bullet penetration if you're dead!

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