Mario is Still A Plumber, According to Nintendo

The iconic company mascot hasn't abandoned the plumbing game after all.


Around late last year, we reported on a story that left many Nintendo fans scratching their heads. The official Nintendo website biography for company mascot Mario was updated with new information which seemed to state that the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom wasn't actually a plumber, at least not any more. However, it seems a new update to the Japanese Nintendo website has restored the mustache master's former profession.

Granted, this doesn't mean that Mario spends most of his time as a plumber. Any Nintendo Switch owner can tell you that interaction with drain pipes only covers a small bit of the overall Super Mario experience. In fact, the new line written over on the Japanese Nintendo website seems to state exactly this. A report from Nintendo Life indicates that the translated line reads the following:

"His occupation is plumber. However, his activity is not confined to that area."

For a bit of contrast, the previous website description stated that Mario "seems to have worked as a plumber a long time ago," leading many to suspect that his professional plumbing career had come to a close. Instead, his new role was as sort of a free agent whose skills involved elimination of the enemy as well as sports like golf and tennis. When this announcement was first made, Shacknews went back and examined the top 10 reasons why Mario was no longer a plumber, the likes of which can be enjoyed below.

Considering the number of Super Mario titles that have released through the past four or so decades, it's no surprise that the overalls-sporting hero has made some substantial updates to his resume. Still, it warms our hearts knowing that despite new activities, Mario hasn't lost his plumbing roots.

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