Rocket League DC Super Heroes DLC Pack Now Available

If Superman can fly, why not cars too?


In a world where evil lurks around the corner of every game lobby, a new light of justice shines down upon the gilded arena of Rocket League. Today Rocket League is getting a healthy dose of DC Comics-based DLC content that includes two new cars and a smattering of cosmetic items based around some of the company's most popular characters. 

The DC Super Heroes DLC pack retails for $3.99 and contains two different Batmobiles; The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler from the Nolan trilogy of Batman movies and the iconic 1989 Tim Burton Batman film version. Along with the two vehicles, the DLC pack also comes with the following accessories and stickers themed around various DC heroes:

  • Aquaman - Breakout Decal and Player Banner
  • Batman - Paladin Decal and Player Banner
  • Cyborg - Roadhog Decal and Player Banner
  • DC - Player Banner (previously released in Collector’s Edition)
  • Flash - Wheels, Venom Decal, Player Banner, and Speed Force Boost (Wheels and Player Banner previously released in Collector’s Edition)
  • Green Arrow - Hotshot Decal and Player Banner
  • Green Lantern - Merc Decal and Player Banner
  • Superman - Octane Decal and Player Banner
  • Wonder Woman - Wheels, X-Devil Decal, and Player Banner 

Along with the super DLC, Rocket League has a brand new patch update. The DC Super Hero DLC pack is available now for $3.99 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

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