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Bandai Namco Mobile Fighting Game Tekken Makes Worldwide Release

Fighting game fans can now load up the hot new Tekken mobile game entirely for free.


The mobile fighting game scene is big and getting bigger, as Bandai Namco has been making some fresh moves with the gradual release of its new mobile Tekken experience. The new game, which is simply titled Tekken, presents the kind of swipe-based fighting experience that players might have seen in the likes of Injustice 2 mobile, where beefed-up brawling gameplay is simplified for touchscreen devices. After a series of rollouts through various countries across the globe, Tekken is now fully available on the global iOS and Android market.

Within the game, series fans will find a number of different fighters like Feng Wei, King, Paul, and other classic members of the Tekken lineup. The game comes jam-packed with different upgrades and abilities, the likes of which are based around the new Waza Card system, and special moves like Rage Arts keep adrenaline levels high during extended bouts. To get a feel for how Tekken mobile plays out, check out the game's latest reveal trailer for Jin, the likes of which we've featured below.

It's fair to say that the new mobile Tekken game won't play out like other games in the series, as the kind of complicated frame-perfect fighting that fans have come to love wouldn't easily translate into a mobile form. Still, there should be plenty of content and excitement to interest Tekken fans otherwise, and the free-to-play game can be scooped up right now for both iOS and Android devices through either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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