Battletech Steam Pre-Orders Available Now, Release Date Announced

Giant robot combat comes full circle as the relaunch of the classic mech series gets ready for an April launch. 


It's been a while since the Kickstarted relaunch of the Battletech series met its funding goal and the team at Harebrained Schemes got to work on development. But now, roughly two years later, Battletech has launched for pre-order on Steam and will be getting a full launch this April. 

Battletech is a turned-based combat RPG where players command an army of giant robot mechs in a quest to take out opposing factions. Jordan Weisman, the creator of the original Mechwarrior/Battletech series has been involved in the relaunch of the series along with members of the team that worked on the Shadowrun Returns series. The Battlemech team took to Twitter to announce the impending release:

There's no word on what specific day in April Battletech will be launching, but it can pre-ordered on Steam right now for $39.99 for the regular edition and $49.99 for the digital deluxe edition. 

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