Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2018

We walk through some of the highly anticipated games we're most stoked about playing in 2018.


There's a huge number of top-tier games slated to come out later this year, and aside from a handful of exclusive titles here and there, most of the biggest titles will eventually be making their way to the Sony PlayStation 4. With so many great games to look forward to, nailing down the titles that hype us up the most wasn't exactly straightforward. We persisted, however, and now we present to readers our choices for the PS4 games we're anticipating the most in 2018.

Red Dead Redemption II

The original Red Dead Redemption was a tremendous success for developer Rockstar Games. The Grand Theft Auto-style gameplay turned out to be a perfect match for the Old West theme, and players couldn't get enough of the vagabond stylings of antihero protagonist John Marston. The latest game in the series, naturally titled Red Dead Redemption 2, will actually be a prequel to the 2010 PlayStation 3 title, this time centering around the outlaw named Arthur Morgan, and is set to include both an expansive single-player campaign as well as a host of online multiplayer features.

God of War

God of War might be a series highly steeped in Greek mythological legend, but the upcoming adventure of Kratos and his spawn is going a different route with the inclusion of elements from various Norse myths. More than that, fans haven't seen a proper home console God of War release since God of War 3 hit the PlayStation 3 back in 2010, so expectations are high regarding the latest hack-and-slash adventure from SIE Santa Monica.

Days Gone

Days Gone is the upcoming release from the team at SIE Bend Studio, a crew that gamers might recognize as the force behind the once-popular Syphon Filter series of games. In the time since Syphon Filter's popularity has waned, SIE Bend has put work into the PSP title Resistance: Retribution as well as the PS Vita Uncharted games before starting work on Days Gone, an all-new title that blurs the line between action and survival horror games. Like with the Syphon Filter games of past, Days Gone will incorporate elements of stealth gameplay, albeit this time in a world that has been wrecked by a global disaster.

Far Cry 5

We've said much and more about Far Cry 5, the latest in Ubisoft's series of first-person action adventure titles and a game that's already garnered a fair amount of controversy regarding the inclusion of right-leaning religious fanaticism. Some posited that the game was meant to capitalize on the buzz surrounding modern political controversy, but others are much more interested in the game's new character creation mode and slight variations on the classic Far Cry formula of gameplay. As for us, we're just ready to dive into even more of the series' tense first-person action.

Darksiders III

The tale of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse found a good home in the hands of the team at THQ Nordic, who spun the tale into the fantastic, vibrant third-person adventure game series known as Darksiders. Bothof the two games released so far have garnered acclaim for their well-realized and immaculately styled words as well as the variety of gameplay options on hand, the likes of which clearly nod to the classic Legend of Zelda series. The upcoming game Darksiders 3 will this time around focus on the Horseman Fury as she attempts to restore the balance between the warriors of both Heaven and Hell.

Dragon's Crown Pro

The original Dragon's Crown was a lush and deeply strategic offering from the big brains over at Vanillaware. The game was absolutely packed with style and garnered a lot of attention from players, largely thanks to its addictive cooperative gameplay mode. Seeing as how other Vanillaware games have been updated for modern hardware, fans have been clamoring for an updated version of the developer's fantasy-themed sidescroller. Thankfully, Vanillaware heard the call, later announcing the upcoming release of Dragon's Crown Pro, a modernized version of the title that comes complete with a re-recorded orchestral score and support for 4K graphics.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Anyone who follows the Metroidvania gaming scene knows the name Koji Igarashi, the video game programmer and assistant director who worked on the genre-defining classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Igarashi, also known to fans as Iga, is a legend for followers of Metroidvania titles, and when he announced work on a new Metroidvania title, fans flocked to the cause. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was a game originally pitched on Kickstarter, where it managed to draw in $5 million over the baseline $500,000 funding goal, breaking the then-current record for the most money garnered by a video game project. Nearly three years have passed since then, and Bloodstained is finally gearing up for its proper release later this year.

Death Stranding

After getting unceremoniously canned from Konami, video game visionary Hideo Kojima quickly partnered up with Sony to begin work on an all-new PlayStation 4 exclusive title. Currently in development by Kojima's own independent game studio Kojima Productions, Death Stranding is an upcoming open-world adventure starring the likenesses of Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen in a bizarre adventure seemingly set on an alien world. As can be seen from the trailer, the game looks to be pure Kojima madness, and we can't wait to see what sort surprises the designer's latest effort has in store for fans.


MediEvil is a series with deep roots on the PlayStation hardware. The original title released for the Sony PlayStation back in October of 1998, and garnered a considerable fan base for the game's quirky style and old-school inspired third-person action. The series became dormant after the release of MediEvil: Resurrection for the PSP in 2005, but Sony caught fans by surprise by announcing the return of Sir Daniel Fortesque during last year's PlayStation Experience 2017. The new game will be presented as an HD remaster for the PlayStation 4, and will come fully stocked with support for 4K visuals and other various enhancements.


Insomniac Games is one of the biggest names around when it comes to gaming on Sony consoles. Between putting out big releases in hit series like Ratchet and Clank or Resistance, as well releasing as smaller titles like Song of the Deep, the team at Insomniac has at last focused its efforts on a fresh new adventure. Starring the famous web-slinger of the same name, Spider-Man is set to become the biggest and boldest open-world game the Marvel hero has seen yet. Insomniac looks to have nailed every crucial gameplay aspect, from swinging between skyscrapers right down to putting on a hurt on New York ne'er-do-wells. As far as PlayStation 4 exclusives go, this is certainly a title to watch out for.

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