Overwatch February 27 Patch Brings Mei, Sombra, and Doomfist Buffs to All

Sombra's ready to get her Hack on with the latest Overwatch update, which is now available to all players.


The February 14 Overwatch PTR Update allowed players on the Public Test Realm to try out some big-time balance changes for Mei, Sombra, and Doomfist. With that two-week window having closed, the rest of the Overwatch world will now get a chance to expreience those changes, along with a few other tweaks.

Here's a reminder of what these character-specific changes look like (from the Overwatch forums):


  • Hand Cannon
    • Ammo recovery rate increased from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds per bullet


  • Endothermic Blaster
    • Freeze (slow) duration increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds
    • Weapon alternate fire ammo cost reduced from 25 to 20


  • EMP
    • No longer blocked by small objects (e.g. sign posts)
  • Hack
    • No longer gains ultimate charge from health pack healing
    • Cast time reduced from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds
    • Now disables the following abilities:
      • Genji — Cyber-agility
      • Hanzo — Wall Climb
      • Pharah — Hover Jets
      • Lucio — Healing Boost and Speed Boost (turns off current song entirely), Wall Ride
      • Mercy — Angelic Descent
  • Machine Pistol
    • Machine Pistol spread reduced from 3 to 2.7
  • Opportunist
    • Now activates when enemies’ health bars are at less than 100%, up from 50% health
  • Translocator
    • Duration increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds

But that's not all! The Blizzard World map has received a few changes, as well. Players will notice that additional health packs have been scattered throughout the map, while existing health pack locations may have changed.

The February 27 patch is now live across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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