Heroes of the Storm Calls in Enforcers Ahead of Sonya & Medivh Reworks

WOOP! WOOP! That's the sound of the police!


Heroes of the Storm is set to get its next patch in a couple of weeks. That patch will include some noteworthy reworks for a pair of Heroes. But in the meantime, there are some new skins available for some of the Nexus' finest.

There are some flagarant law breakers floating around the Nexus. Some of them need to be brought to justice. That's when you call in Specialized Tactical Operations and Rescue Missions (STORM) unit! They're known as Greymane, Johanna, and Lt. Morales. But give them the Watchdog Greymane, Enforcer Johanna, and Paramedic Morales epic skins and they become the most fearsome band of law enforcers in Heroes of the Storm. Don't believe that? Perhaps this video below will convince you otherwise, you criminal scum!

These skins are available right now, days ahead of the game's next big patch. That patch will focus on reworks for Sonya and Medivh

Sonya is set to receive several new Talents. This includes the passive Tough as Nails at Level 1, which gives her a stack of Block that grants 75 Physical Armor against the next Hero Basic Attack. There's an active Battle Rage talent at Level 4, which increases damage against Mercenaries and also heals a small percentage of Sonya's health. There's a passive Rampage at Level 16, which ups basic attack damage. And there's a late-game Striding Giant at Level 20, which grants an Unstoppable buff for a few seconds. More changes are detailed in the video below.

Medivh is also getting a handful of new Talents. Players can choose between Mystic Assault (Arcane Rift hits on Heroes means Medivh's next basic attack will deal more damage and heal for a percentage of the damage dealt) and Force of Magic (Medivh's Spell Power is increased if heavy damage is prevented by Force of Will) at Level 7. There's also Temportal Flux at Level 16, which allows basic attacks and Arcane Rift to reduce Medivh's Heroic cooldown. There are also some notable changes to Medivh's abilities, which are covered in the video below.

The Sonya and Medivh reworks are set to take effect on March 6. For more information, check out the developer Q&A video below.

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