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Overwatch League Cheering Offers Exclusives for Watching on Twitch

Want some cool Overwatch League-themed stuff for both Overwatch and Twitch? Blizzard and Twitch have teamed up to offer up some new exclusives for Overwatch League viewers.


The inaugural Overwatch League regular season is set to resume on Wednesday afternoon. Hours prior to the week's first match, Twitch and Blizzard announced some new plans to help reward the League's loyal viewers for watching as much of the action as possible.

Stage 2 will usher in Overwatch League Cheering, which rewards viewers with in-game skins, exclusive emotes, and team-themed items simply for watching the Overwatch League and cheering their favorite team on with Bits, the digital Twitch currency. Using Bits can unlock certain Overwatch League-themed hero skins that will have a timed exclusivity to them before they get made available to the rest of the Overwatch-playing public.

Viewers can also earn League Tokens at the rate of one League Token per live map finish. Seeing a match all the way through to the final map during the live broadcast will also have a chance to pick up 100 League Tokens, which is enough to pick up one team skin from Overwatch's in-game shop.

This is just the beginning, with Twitch also teasing a VIP ticket feature to be implemeted later in the season.

All of this is only available to Twitch users that already have their IDs linked to their Twitch accounts. More information on Overwatch League Cheering can be found on the Twitch website. Need more on this week's Stage 2 action? Shacknews has you covered, so be sure to catch up with the Overwatch League standings going into Wednesday.

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