Lichtspeer Soaring Onto iOS Next Month

Developer Lichthund's quirky action title is gearing up for its iOS debut.


The Nintendo Switch is currently playing host to a number of fantastic indie-developed titles, some of which started their lives on mobile devices. Lichtspeer has taken a different path: after kicking around the PlayStation store as well as Steam for about a year, developer Lichthunt's alternate-future action arcade title made its way to the Nintendo Switch last September. Now, after nearly half a year's wait beyond that, the game is nearly ready to make its mobile debut on iOS devices.

Players who like their games on the simple side and with a hefty helping of strangeness should feel right at home within Lichtspeer. The game tasks players with taking out unusual beasts like Evil Spacedwarves and Skater Walruses using a sort of laser/spear hybrid weapon that lends the game its title. Rounded out with features like a pulse-pounding '80s-inspired soundtrack and a New Game+ mode, Lichtspeer could be the next must-play title for iOS devices. Check out some of its gameplay and signature visual charms in the trailer featured below.

There won't be much of a wait before players can experience the fruits of Lichthund's labors first-hand, as Lichtspeer is aiming to release for iOS devices on March 1. Even better, those who jump in on the action early can get a special pre-order discount on the game that brings the price down to just $1.99; otherwise, Lichtspeer for iOS is slated to run for the reasonably low price of just $3.99. To pick up the game, simply head over to its listing on the Apple App Store.

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