Fable Fortune Free For Fans In February

Feudalism finds fun, friendly facade for final take on trading card games.


While it's still going to be some time before we get a full-fledged Fable sequel on current-gen consoles, fans of the digital collectible card game genre are getting something to tide them over in the meantime. Fable Fortune will soon be leaving its beta phase and going free-to-play on Xbox One and Window 10. The game will be officially launching on February 22 and has a ton of new features coming with its full release including a single player mode, tutorials, emotes, and a bunch of new cards.

From the press release: "Over the last seven months in Early Access, Fable Fortune has flourished thanks to hard work and community feedback. Major new features include Heroic Tales, a single-player story mode allowing players to experience the dramatic histories of the game's hardy Heroes. Plus, a new emote system means players are able to communicate with their opponents — to congratulate, to mock, or just to fart in their general direction. It's all strictly tactical, of course.

"Other shiny new additions include a Deck Helper and Guildmaster-led tutorial to help new players get into the game, a Daily Bounties system, rare Fancy cards to make mum proud, as well as smaller tweaks, convenient new features, and a treasure trove of new cards to be discovered. There's never been a better time to return to Albion." 

Fable Fortune lets players choose from six different heroes to compete for Albion. From there it's up to players to choose their own path towards good or evil. As they progress through the game various quests, abilities and cards become available in-game depending on the decisions they make. Along with the single-player experience, players will be able to team up with friends in co-op mode and participate in events and leagues.

Fans still have time to grab a founder pack before the final launch date for $14.99 which includes $40 worth of in-game items like 20 card pack, an exclusive Flaming Fowl Trophy Card and the possibility of receiving a rare Giant Egg Card. Otherwise, Fable Fortune will have to wait until the February 22 launch date to get their hands on the Xbox One and Windows 10 game. 

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