Penta Sports Wins the Rainbow Six Siege 'Six Invitational' Tournament

Season 1 & 2 champions Penta Esports stand atop the Rainbow Six Siege world again, winning the first Rainbow Six Pro League Major of 2018.


The 2018 Six Invitational for Rainbow Six Siege is in the books. The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 1 & 2 champions Penta Esports have proven themselves as the best in the world, knocking off last year's Invitational winners Evil Geniuses (formerly Continuum) to win this year's tournament. They did so in dramatic fashion, completing a reverse sweep in the Grand Finals and staving off one last Overtime push from the North American EG squad.

The Grand Finals kicked off on Club House, with Evil Geniuses taking an early lead on the map. EG exercised great patience with their tactics, systematically picking off Penta's forces. Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen attempted to mount a 1v3 comeback in the last game, but it was not meant to be, as EG took the first map.

The scene shifted to Oregon, where EG kicked things off with a wild 3v5 comeback in the opening round. Both teams went toe-to-toe for the next several rounds, with EG ultimately forcing an Overtime session. While Penta was able to keep up, EG went on a tear in the final game and took an early 2-0 lead.

Kafe Dostoyevsky was the third map, where the two teams again traded off wins. While EG has had past success on this map, Penta quickly responded and was able to take this map, showing the kind of cohesive teamwork that has won them back-to-back season championships.

The fourth map went to Bank, which started as yet another game of inches. However, Penta quickly settled down and started to take a commanding lead. EG made a critical mistake with a brutal team kill in the last round, paving the way for Penta to clinch the map and tie the series.

The final map of the weekend took both teams to Coastline, where Evil Geniuses came out swinging, taking the first round with four Operators still standing. Penta took firm control from there, taking the next four rounds. EG answered with a flawless Round 7 and a stifling Round 8 to force Overtime. Round 9 was a wild affair, but one in which Evil Geniuses ultimately ran out of time as Austin "Yung" Trexler and Fabian Hallsten were engaged in a one-on-one standoff.

Evil Geniuses looked to have the final round in hand, but it was a heroic last stand from Pengu that put Penta over the top. Pengu took out both Yung and Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski to clinch the series and the championship.

As the winning team, Penta Sports takes home the lion's share of the Six Invitational's $500,000 prize pool. The end of the Six Invitational caps off a big weekend for Rainbow Six Siege, one in which Ubisoft revealed more details for what's coming in Season 3, as well as two new playable Operators.

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