Hacktag Co-Op Stealth Game Now Available on Steam

It's time to put on your best fursona for some sneaky co-op action. 


Fans of stealth and espionage have a reason to be cheerful today as the full Version of Hacktag is now available on Steam. Hacktag is a co-op title that lets each player take on the role of a sneaky, on-site secret agent or their off-site hacker partner. Players can use their unique set of skills to gather the intel that spies are hunting down and get the physical agent safely out of the building without being harmed either by sneaking around guards or hacking into things like phones or doors depending on which role they're taking on. Hacktag character design and tone remind me of the old Disney's TaleSpin cartoon with its furry anthropomorphic characters and business Tigers but the puzzles and challenges of Hacktag look less cute. 

From the press release: "Set in 2029 in a parallel world populated by cute, anthropomorphic animals, Hacktag is a fast-paced two-player co-op stealth-game with asymmetric gameplay. One player is an Agent in the field while the other is a virtually-infiltrated Hacker. Hired as mercenaries by competing corporations, the two players work together—with an element of competition—to carry out espionage missions via online or local co-op. In solo mode, one player switches between the two roles." 

Features include:

  • Online and local multiplayer: Play separately or share the same screen using keyboard/mouse and/or game controllers
  • Solo mode: Simultaneously handle the dual roles of Agent and Hacker in frantic, fast-paced gameplay
  • Original asymmetrical gameplay and co-op mini-games: With the timer ticking, deactivate alarms and unlock doors or holding cells
  • “Co-opetitive" gameplay: As mercenaries, your partner is also your best competitor!
  • Three corporations, three mission types and 24 levels
  • Gain experience and add unlockable skills: Choose new active or passive skills as you gain levels
  • Online challenges, ranking and leaderboards
  • Full character creation: Customize your anthropomorphic animal character with more than 360 unlockable items
  • Unique story for each player: Experience Hacktag’s story with each role getting its own unique NPCs

Hacktag is now available for PC on Steam for $19.99. Players who pick up a copy during launch week get a 25% discount that takes the price down to $14.99

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