New Nintendo Labo Video Details Projects, Construction, and More

Learn more about the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit in the new four-minute overview trailer.


There's been a lot of buzz and curiosity surrounding Nintendo Labo, the latest effort from Big N to fill gamers' homes with a bunch of low-cost gaming peripherals. In a lot of ways, Labo is like an extension of the sort of thing we saw back in the Wii's heydey, with accessories like fishing rods and steering wheels paving the way for more complex projects like fully-articulated motorcycle handlebars or even a playable cardboard piano.

Naturally, a lot of players are eager to find out not only how these peripherals are constructed, but also how they work, to say nothing of how they might interact with different games. Luckily Nintendo has heard the call of duty, and has released an all-new four-minute video that goes in-depth with what player scan expect to make, play, and discover with the upcoming Nintendo Labo Variety Kit. Check it out below.

As can be seen in the video, cardboard, strings, rubber bands, IR sensors, motion sensors and more are all working in unison to provide a bewildering array of different functions. This latest trailer really helps show off what the Labo is all about more than the previous teaser videos players have seen before now. Unsurprisingly, it does seem to reinforce the notion that a lot of these accessories are meant for children, but there's little doubt that their parents will get a kick out of the accessories too.

We've still got about two months before Nintendo Labo is set to release to the general public, but that should be more than enough time for Nintendo Switch players to get caught up on all of the games planned to release for the Switch this year.

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