Mount Your Friends 3D Gets Release Date, New Trailer

You are closer to slapping hams with your best buds than you’d expect.


When I was building my Most Anticipated Games of 2018 feature, I knew ahead of time that Stegersaurus Software’s Mount Your Friends 3D was clearly the odds-on favorite to be the best video game of the year. While none of my coworkers included the game on their respective lists, I think that they all knew in their hearts that I was more correct and that the upcoming ass-grabbing/athletic competition simulator will climb into the hearts of gamers everywhere. If, like me, your anticipation for release was becoming too much to bear, you can now relax, as Mount Your Friends 3D has an official release date.

It’s a good idea for you to start hitting the tanning bed and acquiring jugs of body oil, because Mount Your Friends 3D will be launching on February 23. Why, you ask, is it important to begin enhancing your physical appearance to play a video game? First of all, this isn’t any video game and second, thanks to a new trailer released this morning, we know that Mount Your Friends 3D is offering an insane level of climber customization, including using your own pretty face.

I’m already working on my lunges as we speak. I’m not gonna stroll out on the field of competition in less than two weeks and not be in peak physical condition. If you still aren’t convinced that this will be the game to end all games, check out the new trailer below. The rest of us will be fine-tuning our glutes.

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