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Monster Hunter World - Decoration Farming

Start farming decoration in Monster Hunter World to increase your power and improve your build.


Just when you think you’ve learned all there is to learn about Monster Hunter World, the game throws another new mechanic or item for you to chase. Decorations are a valuable item introduced after you unlock High Rank activities, and are used to further increase your power, but they’re not easy to find. However, there are ways you can improve your odds of receiving them. It might be tedious, but farming decorations is certainly an option in Monster Hunter World.

Last updated on April 14, 2020.

How to Farm Decorations

Decorations are little gems that are earned as rewards from completing quests, specifically High Rank quests. Only certain armor and weapons can have decorations applied to them, so if you’re still using Low Rank gear, get rid of it and look for an armor set you like. Check out our guide on all armor in Monster Hunter World for some inspiration.

monster hunter world decoration farming

Some of the best means of farming for decorations is to complete the limited-time Event quests that are found on the Quest Board, specifically, any quests that involve slaying small monsters. There was a quest to slay 13 Shamos, but that is no longer available. You can definitely farm the tougher Event quests, but they will be more time consuming to complete. The quest, “Triple Threat Throwdown”, took me roughly 15 minutes to complete and I was awarded five decorations for my efforts.

With the release of Iceborne, it's also a good idea to complete the many Investigations you discover in the game. These tend to have a decent decoration drop-chance and will likely add a bit more variety to the mix.

monster hunter world deocration farming arena

Once your hunter rank grows into the double-digits, you will want to look out for Tempered Investigations, as these are good sources of decorations. You should also attempt to hunt Elder Dragons, such as Zorah Magdaros and Nergigante, as they will almost always drop a decoration – though the fights can be arduous. Beyond just normal Tempered Investigations, remember to try out the Master Rank Tempered Investigations.

Remember to visit the Melding Pot to turn your low quality decorations into something you might actually use. As you progress through the story, the Melding Pot will become more useful, so if you’re just starting out, save up your decorations so you have more funds for purchases. Iceborne also introduced Streamstrones, which can also be acquired from the Elder Melder. Just make sure you have the necessary resources.

As it stands, it’s not incredibly easy to farm for decorations in Monster Hunter World, a lot of the methods can be time-consuming. If you don’t mind the time it takes, completing high-level Event quests is your best bet for farming decorations, along with taking down Tempered Elder Dragons (Master Rank is also good). Make sure to check out our Monster Hunter World guide for more information and tips on how to improve your hunter build.

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