How To Sign Up for the Metal Gear Survive Beta

The second Metal Gear Survive beta test is coming, and we've got the dates players need to remember.


Not everyone was a fan of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. For some players, it was the ultimate jump into the modern era that the series needed; for others, it was a rather tedious grind through a typical mad Kojima narrative. Either way, now that Kojima is out of the picture, Konami is putting the Fox Engine to work in an all-new title whose connection to the Metal Gear franchise is iffy at best.

The game is called Metal Gear Survive, and despite its reliance upon the Fox Engine, it presents a drastically different take on the usual Metal Gear Solid experience. Gone are the days of huge resources and massive sprawling bases; Metal Gear Survive instead tasks players with, you guessed it, surviving in a world that has become overrun with dangerous humanoid creatures. Fortunately for those wary of the new direction, Konami is hosting another beta test for Metal Gear Survive, and we've got information on how to sign up and which dates to look forward to featured below.

Metal Gear Survive Beta Test Sign Up Information, Dates, and Bonuses

Despite being the game's second beta testing, this is the first time that Metal Gear Survive is coming to PCs. Getting in on the action is simple, and doesn't look to require any special sort of signup process outside of the game. Instead, PC players need only download the beta version of the game through Steam — more information about the beta can be found over on the Konami website. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can download the beta from their respective storefronts; alternatively, those who participated in previous beta tests can simply launch the software from their console's home screen.

As revealed by Konami, the Metal Gear Survive second beta test is set to run for three days between February 16 and February 18. In that time, players will be granted access to three different missions across two maps within co-op mode, the likes of which can be played with up to four players online. Konami will be offering up daily missions, and players who participate in the beta will be eligible to receive bonus in-game items when the full game releases, including two cranium-based accessories and two special nameplates.

There won't be too long a wait between when the beta closes and the full game releases, as Metal Gear Survive is strapped and prepared to land on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Wednesday, February 21.

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