Fox N Forests Bringing 16-Bit Platforming To Nintendo Switch

The Kickstarter-backed retro platformer will be landing on the Switch alongside most other popular systems.


We here at Shacknews love hearing about indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. Much of the system's library, which is already three times the size of the Wii U's library at the same point in its life cycle, comes in the form of smaller titles that make for excellent portable gaming choices. The good times keep on rolling, too, and developer Bonus Level Entertainment's Kickstarter-funded platformer titled Fox n Forests is gearing up for a Nintendo Switch debut sometime this Spring.

The game, which managed to pull in an impressive €107,875 from almost 1,500 Kickstarter backers, is forged in the style of classic 16-bit 2D sidescroller titles. Its core is comprised of a basic but gorgeously-illustrated platformer with various puzzle elements, the most noteworthy of which is the ability to switch between in-game seasons. As far as inspiration goes, the team at Bonus Level have specifically alluded to the likes of Wonder Boy in Monster World, Actraiser 2, and Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts as some of the games that helped form the backbone of Fox N Forests.

Using the power of season switching and a rather versatile crossbow, Fox N Forests protagonist Rick the Fox is able to take out various enemies and explore expansive environments through the seasons in order to find loot and uncover various secret passageways. For a closer look at how the game plays out, take a look at the latest Fox N Forests trailer, which we have conveniently featured above.

Of course, there's more to the game than meets the eye. Take into consideration this paragraph from the Fox N Forests Kickstarter campaign, a feature-packed description that balks at the notion of brevity:

"Pixel perfect platforming, screen filling bosses, rich bonus levels, powerful potions, bags of loot, stuffed shops, clever backtracking, challenging skill tests, a magic melee crossbow to shoot and slash enemies, upgradeable shots, not 4 but 5 seasons to explore, stunning 16-Bit pixel art, a catchy chip tunes soundtrack and tons of humorous retro charm combined with the luxuries of modern game design will make FOX n FORESTS a worthy revival of games from the Golden Age."

There's no specific word on just when Fox N Forests will land on Nintendo's hybrid console, but chances are good that the Switch release will coincide with the game's scheduled Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux releases, the likes of which are planned to find their way onto players' systems sometime this coming Spring.

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