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Capcom Cup 2017 Recap Video Chronicles the Rise of MenaRD

The Capcom Fighters YouTube channel has produced a highlight reel of the last weekend of the 2017 Street Fighter V season, spotlighting a new generation of Street Fighter pros.


The 2017 Capcom Cup was indeed an incredible tournament for a variety of reasons. And outside of the fighting game world coming together for Evo during the summer, there was no other atmosphere quite like it. On Monday, Capcom put together a video recapping the final weekend of the competitive Street Fighter V season. It also follows the rise of new Street Fighter World Champion and RISE Gaming's own Mena RD (Saul Leonardo Mena Segundo), who spoke about what it meant to represent his home country of the Dominican Republic.

"It will feel like a new start," MenaRD said. "Because kids or teenagers that want to do something in competition, you know, they usually do baseball. They usually do basketball. But I want fighting games or esports, in general, to be an option in my country."

The Capcom Fighters video chronicles some of the most epic matchups of the weekend, as well as some of the most compelling storylines. It followed both MenaRD and Hajime "Tokido" Taniguchi's path to Grand Finals, along with Naoki "Nemo" Nemoto's improbable run to 3rd place after winning the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier tournament two days before.

In addition to conveying what made the Capcom Cup such an incredible event, the video also spotlighted some of the biggest storylines heading into next season. For an idea of how intense the final weekend of the 2017 Street Fighter V season was, check out the video below.

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