TorqueL Comes To Nintendo Switch In New Physics Modified Edition

The rotating, extending indie puzzler is soon to land on the Nintendo Switch.


The Nintendo Switch is living up to its reputation as being a console with something to offer to players all across the gaming spectrum. It's been playing a special role lately as a machine ideally suited to smaller indie games, with different indie releases being added to the Switch library on a weekly basis. With indie games booming in a big way, Playism has announced that developer Nanmo's physics-based action puzzle game TorqueL is about to land on the Nintendo Switch.

The new and updated version of the game will be called the TorqueL Physics Modified Edition. In it, players will take on the role of a hat-wearing protagonist stuck in a box. Getting to the end of each of the game's 50 stages is accomplished by rolling and stretching the dimensions of the box in order to navigate obstacles, and players with sharp eyes will also be able to discover alternative and secret routes.

The Switch version of the game has apparently received a considerable overhaul, including tweaks from previously-available versions of the game, HD rumble support, and audio efforts from Nobuyoshi Sano, the composer behind several tracks in Ridge Racer and Tekken series entries. Even better, players can scoop up TorqueL Physics Modified Edition prior to its release on February 15 to earn a 20% discount, bringing the cost of entry to the indie puzzler down to just $7.99. To learn more about TorqueL Physics Modified Edition or to pre-order the game, simply head over to Nintendo's Switch eShop website.

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