Tesla Solar Power Products Will Be Sold At Home Depot

No word on whether or not they come with free boring flamethrowers yet. 


While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been pretty busy promoting his company's boring flamethrower, he’s still taken the time to make sure that his more, shall we say, mainstream products are getting into the hands of the populous. Take for example Tesla’s solar power panels and Powerwall batteries which are ramping up to be sold in Home Depot stores across the US. According to a report by Engadget, Tesla will be providing their own employees to man the display areas that will be going up in 800 locations across the country.

This isn’t Home Depot’s first time selling solar power panels as they have previously stocked Solar City brand products. However, that company was bought by Tesla and absorbed into their current brand. There was never any in-store marketing to help promote the Solar City brand in the past, so this is a big step forward for solar power marketing.

While the idea of getting off the grid and being self-reliant is appealing, consumers should be aware that the entry level for such a project is somewhere between $10,000-$30,000. That cost is expected to rise by about 5 percent thanks to a new import tariff on solar panels. However, Tesla is getting around many of the import issues by building their own panels and only importing just the cells, which do not carry the same tax as the completed panels. Plus, the tariff doesn’t even go into effect until there’s been 2.5 gigawatts worth of panels imported, which is roughly twice as many gigawatts as Doc Brown’s time machine needed in order to operate.

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