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New Pokemon Go Trailer Narrated By Stephen Fry

Pokemon Go gets a dash of drama with a new trailer narrated by Stephen Fry.


Pokemon Go has been enjoying a rich and full life so far thanks to the dedication from the team at Niantic Labs. Not only have players been treated to a number of different events and special offerings on a regular basis, the game was even recently updated to provide special new AR functions for iOS 11 devices. To make a long story short, there's still no better time to jump into Niantic's AR-based game. For a bit of fun, however, there's no reason not to release a trailer highlighting the latest that Pokemon Go has to offer, and the team have called upon the talents of Stephen Fry to provide narration.

The new trailer, which also features a musical composition by George Fenten of Planet Earth fame, is meant to show off some of the latest features that have been added to the game, including the recent addition of Hoenn-region creatures from the series' third generation of games.

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