Monster Hunter World Players To Receive Free Commemorative Gift

Capcom is celebrating 5 million sales by giving Monster Hunter World owners a free Celebration Pack.


The buzz leading up to the release of Monster Hunter World was considerable, and it seems like Capcom is now reaping the rewards. In the three days following the game's launch, Capcom reported that over 5 million copies of Monter Hunter World had been shipped. Now, the studio is feeling so grateful that it's decided to reward loyal Monster Hunter fans by giving owners of Monster Hunter World a little surprise in form of the free Celebration Pack commemorative gift. Read on to discover what the free gift includes and how Monster Hunter World owners can claim their own.

How To Claim Monster Hunter World Commemorative Celebration Pack Gift

News of the Monster Hunter World commemorative gift came by way of the game's official Twitter account, where Capcom first revealed the game's success in shipping 5 million units. In a follow up, the team offered up the commemorative item pack as both thanks and a welcome.

From what can be seen in the picture, it seems the commemorative celebration item pack is going to include one potion, one egg, and three different sacks of unknown origin. This cluster of items will reportedly be doled out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players in waves over the next few days. While some might have their free celebration pack in a matter of hours, those who don't see it soon are encouraged to keep checking back.

Monster Hunter World has earned its popularity; the series' jump into the modern era of gaming has loads of players across the world making their first foray into deep hunting expeditions. If you're one of the millions who can't get enough of Capcom's latest open-world adventure, be sure to head over to our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide for the latest tips and strategies.

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